Surfing in Brazil

The Best Surfing Spots in Southern Brazil

Surfing in Brazil 

Southern Brazil has coastlines that provide some of the most consistent waves in South America. Thanks to low pressure systems that spin off of Antarctica, there is almost somewhere to surf here year-round. The Brazilian States of Parana and Santa Catarina boast over 50 surfing spots for you to discover. It is no surprise then, that you will find some of the best surfing spots in Southern Brazil here. Although most spots you are unlikely to get to yourself, most waves in Southern Brazil are far less crowded than spots around Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 

If you are after uncrowded waves, maybe Southern Chile is a better option for you. However, it is easy to find a peak on most beaches where there will be only a handful of others. If you approach with respect and a smile, Brazilians are a friendly bunch who are more than happy to share a wave with you. With beautiful warm sands and crystal-clear waters in a lush sub-tropical environment, Southern Brazil should be on every surf traveller’s itinerary. We have gathered some of the best surfing spots in Southern Brazil, have a read below.

The best surfing spots in Southern Brazil


Parana state has one of the shortest coastlines in Southern Brazil. Although not as surf blessed as its neighbouring states it still offers a few waves that are worth checking out.

Ihla do Mel

An idyllic surfing setting, Ihla do Mel (Honey Island) is a protected island without cars. It is only a short walk to reach three of the islands surfing breaks. Praia de Fora, Praia Grande and Paralelas. The vibe is very relaxed and often the beaches are uncrowded, especially during the week. The biggest waves on the island are found at Praia Grande. Praia de Fora is a smaller bay offering up good sandbars and peaky waves below a beautiful lighthouse. If you are lucky to see a large swell here, you will be delighted to witness long reliable right-handers spinning down the point of Paralelas.

Pico de Matinhos

Just south of Ihla do Mel is Pico de Matinhos. Here you will find a nice right-hander reeling off the point. It is not as consistent as other spots but if you find it working, it can be one of the best in Southern Brazil. Winter months are the best for here.


Santa Catarina is known as the surfers state and it is for a good reason. It has the best surfing spots in Southern Brazil. The island of Florianopolis is home to 20+ good quality surfing spots all found within a short distance of one another.

Santinhos - surfing on florianopolis

Found at the northern end of Florianopolis. Santinhos is a beautiful stretch of beach in an undeveloped part of the Island. Is it very consistent and offers up reliable peaky waves especially at the northern end where it is often off-shore and protected from N-NW winds.

Joaquina - surfing on Florianopolis

Joaquina has Florianopolis’ most consistent waves. It is considered one of the best surfing spots in Southern Brazil. Joaquina is regularly home to surfing competitions so don’t expect to have this one to yourself. But with some time and patience you could score some of the best waves on your trip here. Any swell direction, any tide and any westerly wind will see you making a beeline to surf here.

Praia Mole Surf Brazil

Praia Mole - Florianopolis surfing

Surrounded by steep hills, Praia Mole offers South wind protection. While not as good as Joaquina, Praia Mole can offer relief from the crowds. It is a good spot for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Lagoinha do Leste - Florianopolis

On the southern end of Florianopolis is Lagoinha do Leste. It is roughly a hour-long walk in, but is perfectly angled to pick up predominant SE swells. This beach is often uncrowded and you will most likely be sharing waves with dolphins rather than Brazilians.

Guarda do Embau

Declared a World Surfing Reserve in 2016. Guarda do Embau is home to a world-class rivermouth wave that is easily one of the best surfing spots in Southern Brazil. It’s a beautiful little fishing village with a prominent headland. The best months for waves here are during wet season (mostly summer and part of autumn), but waves can be ridden throughout the year. The wet season sees consistently long, hollow left-hand barrels that break off of a scenic rocky headland.

Thanks for reading! Check out some of the other places we’ve visited or if you think you know some more of the best surfing spots in Southern Brazil? Please leave us a comment below!

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