What’s in our First Aid Kit

Here’s a list of what I like to put in my outdoor first aid kit to take on our personal trips (hiking and travelling). I try to cover a broad range of possibilities while still keeping it small and light. I find that having generic items with multiple uses really helps to keep the weight down.

Sometimes I will carry more than what’s listed here and sometimes less. It depends on a few things like where I am going, who I am going with and for how long, but this is a good generic base for an outdoor first aid kit to help get you started. 

Knowing how to use the items in a first aid kit is just as important as having them. Consider taking a St Johns First Aid Course for basic first aid or a Wilderness First Aid Course to gain more in-depth knowledge. Tas Tafe runs a really good course that gave me a lot more confidence in leading groups and venturing out into some of the more remoter parts of the world.

outdoor first aid kit - Tools

Sharp scissors


Reusable splinter probe

Cotton wool tips

Eye cup

Irrigation syringe




Antihistamine for hayfever and minor reactions + Phenergan in the case of stronger reactions


Glucose tablets

Throat lozenges

Re-hydration powder / tablets

Cold and Flu tablets

*Plus any personal medication needed

outdoor first aid kit - Dealing with Wounds

Saline solution

Antiseptic wipes

Betadine solution

Stingoes / anti itch / insect sting spray

Aloe vera gel

Antiseptic cream

Gauze pads of various sizes

Fixomull Stretch + Transparent. And lots of it! I use this for everything from chaff to blister and in place of band-aids. Its great because you can cut it to the size you like and the transparent fixomull is waterproof and breathable. 

Compression / snake bandage x 3

Triangular bandage x 2

Butterfly strips

Wound dressings

Non stick sterile pads

Medical adhesive / sports tape

Blister treatments – There are many options here but my go-to for bad blisters is a bit of foam mat cut into a doughnut shape for cushioning. However it’s best to try and prevent blisters all together by taping up any hotspots with fixomull and sports tape immediately.

outdoor first aid kit- Other things

Notepad + pens

Rubber Gloves

Repellent (preferably containing DEET or Picaridin)

Hazard bag / Labelled zip lock bag

Hand sanitizer

Emergency blanket

Safety pins

In my outdoor first aid kit I like to take all of the medication I carry with me out of the original packaging. I cut the sections of the boxes that I need (all of the dosage requirements etc.) and place these in a zip lock bag to save on space.

For the sachets of tablets themselves, I tape them with a thin strip of fixomull to stop them from popping out.

It’s also really important to note down the date of expiry. I do this either on top of the fixomull or on the pieces of cardboard box I have kept to ensure the medication doesn’t go out of date.

Read more about everything we like to pack for travel or trekking here or find it under our packing section.

never forget your tent on a hike - just like your outdoor first aid kit

Ruby & Josh


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