best beaches in Tasmania

Best Beaches in Tasmania Australia 

The Top 10 Best Beaches in Tasmania Australia 

Tasmania is an island state of Australia, boasting over 1600 stunning beaches. Picking the top ten beaches from this treasure is a daunting task, as each of these beaches is unique in its own special way. 

Over 1200 of these beaches are on Tasmania, and 348 beaches are spread over its five main islands. Ocean Beach is the longest beach on the island, which stretches for over 30 kilometres. 

Australia greedily hogs the majority of the world’s top beaches, but the best part about Tasmanian beaches is you don’t necessarily have to share them. It is because there are few visitors, ensuring the intimate environment you desire on a relaxing vacation.

Also, don’t get fooled by Tasmania’s reputation for its rugged wilderness and cold climate, as it is home to some of the world’s best beaches, treating beach lovers with vast stretches of remote coastline, crystal clear blue water, and stunning views. A visit to top Tasmania beaches should be on your list of things to do in Tasmania!

If you’re venturing into a beach-hopping adventure and looking for top beaches to surf and get sun-soaked, here is the list of the top 10 best beaches in Tasmania, Australia, to get you started in the right direction. 

best beaches in Tasmania


Wineglass Bay – The Top Beaches in Tasmania

Often referred to as the crown jewel of Freycinet National Park due to its U-shaped curve, azure-coloured waters and white sand, Wineglass Bay is among the best beaches in Tasmania, Australia. The location is postcard-perfect, with pink granite peaks on the backdrop, earning it global acclaim. 

Wineglass Bay is not only famous among sunbathers and surfers, but you can also go on a famous hiking trail to Wineglass Bay Lookout to soak in the breathtaking views of the bay and surrounding landscapes. You can also choose to kayak in and around the Hazards Lagoon. 

And, if these activities make you famished, there’s the famous Freycinet Lodge, where you can enjoy fresh seafood. What else can you ask for, right?

Wineglass Bay is one of Tasmania’s most beautiful beaches, often named besides world’s great beaches, and it is a must-visit when visiting north-east Tasmania. 

Bay Of Fires – One Of The Best Beaches In Tasmania

Bay of Fires is undoubtedly one of the best arts created by nature, with its turquoise waters meeting the 50-kilometre-long stretch of orange-hued granite rocks, mimicking fire and, hence, the name. 

Located on the north east Tasmania close to St Helens, there are tons of activities you can enjoy here, including bird watching, surfing, snorkelling, and visiting Binalong Bay, a popular tourist point here. 

The lichen glows crimson in the golden light, so a walk with your partner at sunset is a must while here. You will easily see why this is voted as one of the best beaches in Tasmania!

If you’re hungry, there are many seafood restaurants around here, including the famous Lobster Shack, serving sumptuous seafood with ocean views that elevate the dining experience further. 

Trousers Point 

Friendly beaches are located on Flinders Island, which is a haven for beach lovers. These are a string of picturesque and isolated coves boasting golden sand, dramatic cliffs, and azure waters. 

Whether you want to explore rock pools, sunbathe, or want to enjoy swimming, Trousers Point will not disappoint. 

There are also many things to do on Flinders Island and activities you can participate in here, like walking along the coastal line to Trousers Point or checking out the cute Furneaux Penguins get back to their burrows at dusk. 

If you feel starved after a long day of activities, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the sunset while savouring delicious seafood and local cuisines at The Pelican Bar. 

Bruny Island – Adventure Bay 

Like most other Tasmanian beaches, Adventure Bay on Bruny Island combines tranquillity with adventure, boasting lush greenery, crystal clear waters, and white sands. This all makes Adventure Bay on Bruny Island one of Tasmanias Best Beaches to visit.

If you’re looking for more than swimming or sunbathing, you can also visit the famous Bligh Museum of Pacific Exploration or go on a chartered boat tour to spot seals, whales and dolphins. There’s also a Bruny Island Cruise that operates for the tourists here. 

This is a long, eastern-facing sandy beach that extends from Fluted Cape to The Neck, the isthmus connecting north and south Bruny Islands. It is a sheltered Tassie beach, famous among the swimmers and surfers. 

This place also holds historical significance as it is where the first specimen of the Eucalypt tree was found, and European trees were first planted in this region on Australian soil as well. 

If you’re in the mood for some adventure, going for a hike to Cloudy Climb for breathtaking views of the Bruny Island and coastline is a good idea. You can also enjoy fresh wine, local cheese, and sumptuous seafood at the Bruny Island Cheese Co.

Don’t miss out on tasting local wines and famous Bruny Island Cheese while here – it’s totally worth it!

Honeymoon Bay – One of The Top 10 Best Beaches in Tasmania 

As the name suggests, this beach is famous among couples and honeymooners because of its intimate atmosphere and secluded location. 

Located in Freycinet National Park, Honeymoon Beach is a perfect getaway for couples looking for a romantic escapade amidst nature. 

Make sure to visit the famous Cape Tourville lighthouse nearby to soak in the picturesque coastal views. 

If you plan an extended stay here, choosing Freycinet Lodge for accommodation is an ideal option. The lodge also offers delectable dining options, ensuring you a complete honeymoon experience.

Stumpy’s Bay 

There’s no doubt that Mount William National Park is among the best-kept secrets of Tasmania. Its beauty and wilderness are still largely untouched as it attracts relatively fewer visitors than other major destinations on the island. 

If you’re lucky, there’s a good chance that you’ll be the only one at the campsite. It provides a perfect setting for a group of friends, family or romantic couples looking to get away from the bustling and overcrowded tourist spots.

There are two things famous about Mount William National Park – tons of kangaroos and pristine white beaches.

Stumpy’s Bay is a hidden gem, located in the park, northeast of Tasmania, meaning the beaches are still wild and rugged. You can take long walks on the beach without seeing a soul for miles!

Crescent Beach 

Crescent Beach is among the best beaches in Tasmania, Australia. It is located on the Tasman Peninsula, tucked right between Port Arthur and Remarkable Cave. 

The beach is known for dunes, with some going as high as 80 metres and above, and crystal waters. If you’re feeling adventurous, hike to Mount Brown’s Summit to enjoy panoramic views of the Peninsula’s wild and rugged coastline. 

Don’t forget to look out for adorable little echidnas near Mount Brown. 

If you’re looking for some delicious food cooked using local produce, make sure to visit The Stewart’s Bay Lodge.

Boat Harbour Beach – Voted Best Beaches In Tasmania

Boat Harbour Beach is one of the best Tasmania beaches nestled on the North coast of Tasmania near the beautiful small township of Boat Harbour, it is one of Tasmanias best beaches due to being popular among families, surfers and sun seekers alike. 

It is surrounded by lush green landscapes and is known for its calm waters, making it ideal for paddling, swimming and sunbathing. Go snorkelling if you feel adventurous and spot colourful fish, and you may even spot some anemones while here. 

If you’re in the mood for mind-blowing delicacies, there’s Seekers Bar & Cafe Boat Harbour BeachSeekers Bar & Cafe Boat Harbour Beach nearby to satiate your hunger pangs. 

Fortescue Bay 

If you’re a surfer, Fortescue Bay is a must-visit when seeking out waves and the best beaches in Tasmania. It is a crescent-shaped white sand beach with dramatic rock formations with huge boulders and towering painted cliffs on the backdrop. 

The challenging breaks and non-stop waves make this beautiful beach a surfer’s paradise. If you want to go on a hike, there’s Cape Hauy Track you can embark on to enjoy breathtaking coastal views. 

You can even take a chartered boat tour to witness sea life up, close and personal, including whales, dolphins, and seals. 

Snug Beach 

Snug Beach is one of the best beaches in Tasmania, Australia as per the visitors’ consensus. It is a family-friendly beach located close to Hobart with calm and crystal waters. There’s plenty of sand for kids to make sandcastles, and the presence of Bruny Island nearby ensures there’s enough shadow during sunny days. 

Snug Beach is famous among people who are looking for that perfect beach for family picnics. The Snug River starts at the northern end of the beach, giving beach lovers another reason to get wet. 

While here, don’t miss out on visiting Bruny Island, the ferry which is available just fifteen minutes away from the beach at Kettering. 

Other Noteworthy Best Beaches in Tasmania –

    • Dial Beach 

    • Cape Pillar

    • Home Beach (Three Hummock Island)

    • South Cape Bay

    • Maria Island (East Coast)

    • Bathurst Harbour (Southern Tasmania)

    • Kingston Beach in Hobart

    • Seven Mile Beach

    • Hopground Beach 

    • Denison Beach

    • Freer’s Beach, Shearwater

    • Binalong Bay Beach (East Coast of Tasmania)

    • Redbill Beach, Bicheno

Final Thoughts On Best Beaches in Tasmania

Those mentioned above are some of the best beaches in Tasmania, Australia. Which one you find the best among these depends totally on your personality and preferences.

There are endless amazing beaches in Tasmania,  and if you’re looking for the best beaches, the list above will certain help!

Each of these beaches comes with its characteristics, offering an unforgettable escape to the visitors. Irrespective of whether you’re an adventurer, a food enthusiast, a sunseeker or a surfer – Tasmania Beach has something for everyone!

So, wait no more and start packing to visit this beautiful island with mesmerizing beaches. Bon Voyage!

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