The Best Healthy Road Trip Snacks

The Best healthy snacks for road trips

After a year of living in a car and road tripping all over South America we thought we’d share some of our favourite healthy and cheap snacks. These ideas are all easy and quick to prepare, with minimal washing up required. So, whether you have a fully kitted out motor-home or are just taking a weekend drive these ideas are perfect for anyone on any kind of road trip.


Cheap, easy and quick to make. Healthier than chips but just as addictive. We’ve eaten a lot of popcorn this past year. You can even make it in the morning and once its cooled down, store it in a container for an easy go to snack on long drives.

Bliss balls

These are my favourite out of all of our healthy road trip snacks. We have a small 200w stick blender to make these with. I found this recipe by wholefood simply a few years ago and have never tried another. It’s that good. The great thing about bliss balls is that you can make a big batch to last a few days. If you don’t have everything you need to make these on the road, you can make them at home before leaving or buy some ready made ones.

Fresh fruit

Bananas, kiwi’s, apples, berries, there’s so many options here. We try and buy all of our fresh produce from the local farmers markets or side of the road stalls to get the sweetest and juiciest in-season fruits. We also make sure we keep one piece of fruit in the front of the car next to us so that we eat this first before reaching for other snacks.

healthy road trip snacks

Blueberries one of the best healthy road trip snacks you can get.

Peanut butter and banana wraps

A super easy side of the road, go to snack. A great way to eat your bananas up if they get a little bruised too.

Hard boiled eggs

We love these with a bit of soy sauce on top or for something a bit more substantial turn them into curried egg sandwiches by crushing them up with some mayonnaise and curry powder.

Dried fruit

An old favourite but hard to beat as one of the best healthy road trip snacks. Try mixing things up with different types of fruit. We love dried strawberries, kiwis and dates.

Roasted Nuts

Just don’t leave me with the whole bag or they’ll be gone in no time. Sometimes we’ll make up a little mix of nuts, dried fruit and a few sweet treats. Which we really love.

healthy road trip snacks

Yoghurt / chia pudding

You can make this of a night so that it’s ready to go of a morning. I especially love this if we have a big drive and plan to start our road trip early. When we get hungry we can just pull over and breakfast is ready. If you don’t have a fridge, no worries use a good granola mixed with some powdered milk instead.

Rice crackers

Not the tastiest on their own but add some cheese, avocado, vegemite or peanut butter and you’ve got yourself another quick and easy snack.

Mate Tea

Not a snack but definitely still worth a mention. This South American tea is a fantastic alternative to coffee and it’s so much healthier. There’s a very specific way the locals like to make it. But, all we do is keep topping up our mug with hot water from a thermos. You will need one of these fancy straws though.

We hope this helps to keep you full, happy and healthy on your next road trip. Let us know what else you love to snack on in the comments section below.

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